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Private Instruction

Private Instruction – Enroll Online

Private instruction can be an essential component to guaranteeing you the best grades possible. If you’re looking at a tough semester with one or more classes that could be difficult, or if you’ve missed some classes, private instruction can be the answer.

We’re proud to have a 100% success rate with our students achieving good grades in the courses we’ve helped them with. Our instructors are friendly, professional, and knowledgeable in the material. If you have friends or classmates interested, you can save money per-person by doing group sessions. Check out the pricing chart on the Private Instruction page.

Review Sessions

Review Sessions – Enroll Online

Review sessions are a great way to prepare yourself for midterm or final exams. Each course that we offer review sessions for will have three sessions prior to the exam. In theses sessions we cover a crash course of the entire semester’s topics, and then go into specific examples to prepare you for the exam questions you’ll be up against.

Our review sessions can give you a dramatic increase in your exam grades, and are great for students of all levels.  Check our Events Calendar for upcoming dates or Shop Tickets online.