Here is what actual students have said about us:

Jeremy has been wonderful. I signed up for sessions after I received a 60 on my first calculus exam. With his help, I was able to score a 95 on my second math 110 calculus midterm. I know this would not have been possible without tutoring. He is incredibly knowledgeable and very eager to help students learn. I would definitely recommend GradePeak to anyone looking for extra help!



Have you been to a GradePeak review yet? Me and some friends tried it out for chem 110 and it was by far the best experience. We learned more in three hours than all semester or anywhere else. It also prepared us well for our future classes. We continued to go to GradePeak for chem 112, chem 210, and chem 212. Thanks for the help and getting us all good grades.



I signed up with Jeremy Robinson at GradePeak after my first Math 141 test that i got a 43 on. With his help I almost doubled my score to an 85 on the second exam which was supposed to be the harder of the two. Without the tutoring, there would of been no way of me doing so well. I also asked some questions on physics 212 since I got a 65 on the first test. After working for just a little over an hour, I was able to raise my grade to an 82. I definitely suggest GradePeak for tutoring, it will help you out.



I found gradepeak to be really helpful. It also made me a lot less stressed out about my courses Math 140, Math 141, Chem 110, Chem 112, Phys 250, and Phys 251. Jeremy is really good at explaining the material.



I have been going to Jeremy at Gradepeak for a few months now and I have to say that the only reason I am passing Phys 212 is because of his help. I would have never understood electric and magnetic fields without him! As an engineering student, I am of course taking insane classes and usually you would need a separate tutor for all of them. Jeremy can answer my questions for all of my math (Math 251, Math 231) and science courses (E Mch 211, E Mch 213) so it definitely saves me time and money. I can work on Calculus for a half hour and then Engineering Mechanics for the remainder. Thank you so much Jeremy! I couldn’t be an engineer without you!

<3 Jackie


Went to review sessions for math 140 and math 141 and loved them all, now coming back for math 251. They present the material in such a way that it is very easy to grasp and it makes you wonder how you didn’t understand it before. Definitely recommended!!!



Jeremy from GradePeak has helped me so much!! The first time I came, I pretty much had a crash course in Math 141, and now I am here for 3 of my classes, Chem 110, Phys 212 and EMch 213. The best thing is that I can ask questions from all 3, or if there’s an exam coming up, spend the whole time working on that subject. Jeremy is very flexible and great when it comes to adding extra hours for exams/finals. Coming to GradePeak has definitely helped my grades, and the best part is that I actually understand what I am being taught here, unlike learning the material from elsewhere.



I tried out a free review session with the competitor and absolutely hated it. The competitor did not answer any questions and didn’t seem to really understand the material. Then I tried GradePeak and loved it. They are very knowledgeable and do not avoid answering questions. It was a way better experience and well worth the money.



Prior to tutoring with Jeremy at Grade Peak I was using other tutors, office hours, and the math center to struggle through the first couple weeks of Math 141. I started going to Grade Peak only a week before the second test and managed to learn and understand all of the material on sequences and series while getting an A on the test. I have never worked with such a knowledgeable tutor who could decipher calculus in such a straightforward, easy to understand way. Thank you so much Jeremy for all of your help!!



As soon as I came to a gradepeak review session, I wondered why I ever tried anywhere else out. This place is by far the best and helped me get an A in many courses.



This is the second time I went to gradepeak for help. I got tutored in Emch 210 this time, and with his help, increased my grade from a low C or D to a B+. Jeremy explains the subject extremely well and really helps me understand the material. Thanks to him, I did great in both Emch, and last semester Math 141.



The VERY best review sessions around, they have helped ace many exams! I came for phys 211, phys 212, emch 212, math 141, and math 251. My grades definitely improved drastically.



Jeremy was a great tutor, and he has helped me with many difficult classes including Phys 211, Phys 212, Math 220, Math 230, Math 250, and E Mch 210. He simplifies information and makes even complex material easy to understand. GradePeak is an excellent tutoring service!



I have tried another tutoring service and hated it, I went to gradepeak and it was a completely different experience. They make sure you are prepared to do well, and more importantly get their problems CORRECT!



After failing my midterm in PHYS 214, I started going to GradePeak and meeting with the instructor a couple times a week. Jeremy Robinson clearly explained the material to me and helped me with difficult concepts I could not understand. I ended up getting an 87 on the final and did well in the class. Thanks for all of your help!



I have attended reviews for chem 110, chem 112, and phys 211 with gradepeak. I recommend to anyone who wants to perform better. Thanks!



GradePeak has helped me sooo much! I started going here last year when I was failing Phys 211. Since then they helped me with PHYS 212, Math 220, Math 231, and Emch 211. Jeremy is able to teach me what I have to know in a simple manner which is really nice. Also, after meeting I do all my online homework and I always get 100% on them. I definitely recommend going to gradepeak if you are struggling in any class. Everyone is super nice!!!



After hearing all the horror stories about organic chemistry (chem 210), I felt very uneasy about how I would do in the class. I signed up with Jeremy Robinson at gradepeak the very first time taking the course, not wanting to drop it and retake it again and met with him a few hours each week for private instruction on the class. The course is a lot of work but with Jeremy the class actually started to seem interesting. I happily ended up obtaining an A for a final grade in the course and know that a grade like that would have been unlikely without him. Thanks for all your help with chem 210 and last semester chem 112!



I attended the free Math 140 review session and learned more than I have in class. Jeremy explains everything so thoroughly offering alternative ways to find solutions and takes the time to offer help with any additional homework problems as well. He is very knowledgeable too. Definitely worth my time and I will continue to use gradepeak for all my courses!



I decided to give gradepeak a try for Phys 211 after hearing great things from others. I now see what they are talking about, I have since been to review sessions for Math 141, Math 220, Math 231, Math 251, Phys 212, Phys 213, Phys 214, E Mch 211, and now E Mch 212, E Mch 213. At these review sessions they do not just show you how to do well on an exam. They actually teach and explain the material so that you can not only understand the class itself, but also be prepared for future classes. What a great place for an engineering major!



I have attended gradepeak for both private instruction and review sessions in stat 200, econ 102, econ 104, and acctg 211. They are not only intelligent there, they know how to explain concepts in all classes very well. Thank you for all the help!



You know when they say you get out what put in? It really applies to the big lecture classes at Penn State. If you just go to class, and the University review sessions, you will get an average grade. If you want to go above and beyond, you need more than what the University has to offer. I attended all of the Chem 210 gradepeak review sessions and it really made a difference. I understood the material so well after these sessions, I was able to teach it to my friends. gradepeak is probably one of the best bargains I have come across at State.



Tutoring with GradePeak was a great experience. It helped me gain a full understanding of my physics and engineering classes, and helped me earn a much better GPA.



Dude, your assistance over the years has been incredibly helpful. I am still amazed at the scope of knowledge you continue to demonstrate at the variety of subjects I managed to bombard you with.



As a Pre Med major, I have had to take many difficult classes including chem 110, chem 112, chem 210, chem 212, phys 211, phys 212, math 140, and math 141. I have attended all parts of the gradepeak review sessions for each of these classes and they have helped me sooo much! It is great to have one person lead all of these reviews. You rock!



After struggling through math 140 and physics 211, I decided to look into getting a tutor. I came across Jeremy at gradepeak and I’m so glad that I did. After signing up, I watched my grades rise from the average B-/C to the B+/A range. He is very knowledgeable in the maths and sciences and present the information in a clear and understandable way.



Thanks for everything! gradepeak is the best!