GradePeak provides individual or group Private Instruction and Test Review Sessions for all colleges and high schools throughout the United States. We began in 2007 and have grown to offer over 200 different courses for private and group instruction, including Math, Physics, Chemistry, Engineering Mechanics, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Biochemistry, Biology, Microbiology,  Finance, Accounting, Economics, Statistics.

We are a group of elite private instructors that have helped thousands of college and high school students during our years in existence. We maintain a near 100% success rate with our students in their various classes. But even more importantly, our students learn discipline and responsibility, which are very valuable assets for their time before, during, and after higher level learning. Many former students have stated that meeting with us has forced them to keep up with their work and even enjoy learning. They leave here with both higher GPA’s and higher self-confidence.

Highest Quality Instructors and Methods

The two most important aspects to look for in a private instructor are course knowledge and experience. Here at GradePeak we retain only the very best instructors. We require a 3.8 minimum overall GPA, and nothing less than an A in any courses they teach. That is what each one of our students deserve. Our talented instructors have helped thousands of college and high school students succeed each semester.

Custom Tailored Tutoring

At GradePeak we tailor-fit our teaching style to suit your needs. We offer private instruction and group review sessions through which you will learn all you need to know and more than you expected. We present the material in such a way for your optimal understanding and we will be able to answer any specific questions. For private instruction, we meet with students individually or put them in small groups per request to help reduce the cost. Any tutoring session with GradePeak begins with the material right where you need to, and will move at your own speed. We know you will be pleased with our results. Most GradePeak students return for multiple semesters as they work through their course curriculum. Do what you want and earn the pay that you deserve. We can help you do your best!

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